NaPoWriMo Day 7:

Nothing very good; i seem a bit distracted and scattered, struggling to produce anything of value. But, I’m still writing and participating, and here’s today’s entry if you’re interested.

Spring has finally sprung.
Flora begins again to flourish.
There are but few clouds above.
Sunshine warms air and ground.
Gentle breezes play in the trees.
Cool grass tickles beneath toes.
Birds sing happily for you.
In this moment all is well.
What have you to be sorry for?

If you’ve gotten this far, apologies! haha XD

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  2. peculiarpotato | Reply

    Hello B.Gypsey. I really enjoyed reading your writing.Funny I too wrote a similar bunch of spring prose. I was wondering,do you use twitter to bring attention to your blog?I ask you this question because that is what I do. If you use it constantly than forget my question.Anyways, may love surround you and shine from within.Also,may your writing continue to grow and thrive. Sincerely, PeculairPotato…………….I’m Out.

    1. I do use twitter! Thanks for reading, and i wish the same for you and your writing! 🙂

      1. peculiarpotato

        Randomly late reply. Thank you as well for your kind sentiment. B.Gypsey you are now a SweetPotato (Female Potato.) You may also be called Spud,tater,starchy,etc. Ok, later tater.

      2. Apologies, i was without internet access for a day and a half! I shall, however, strive to be the sweetest potato i can be! 🙂

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