Updates & Such

June 21, 2013: finally, a new post. I’m sorry this was so long in coming. I’m,….struggling. And terribly detached, isolated, and adrift. I’m unsure how to right this course, so i just muddle thru for the time being, I guess.

6 June 2013: Apologies are in order….

[[First, i want to say that I’ll be back to working on various poems and prose projects very soon, AND posting again, so stay tuned.]]

…Though more to myself than anyone, i think. Because, as you can see, i haven’t posted lately (forgive me?). And it wasn’t for any good reason aside from the fact that May is a rough, trigger-month for me during which the stability of my emotional and mental health is drastically lacking. In fact, it just ceases. I do better, in all things, when I’m writing regularly, but not in May. No “never a day without a line” (Horace) for me then.

À toute à l’heure, bientôt!!! 🙂

April 9(?), 2013: Well, i was hoping to employ a method of different pages, but i guess i can’t.

Anyway, i was without internet for about 36 hrs, so was unable to post yesterday. I’ll be working on catching up as quickly as i can. Today is busy tho, so please be patient!


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