Sinister Portents

sinister secrets of
menace foreboding,
unknown, in black night
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Refuge and haven – this is why I write

There’s a secret place within
me, and long well I’ve known it.
A hidden, sheltered space where
light and shadow dance with my Muses.

Only here am I safe, if no Continue reading →

25 Signs You’re A Writer

LoveThis. Tho I’m Not A Paid Writer, MuchOf ThisIs fitting.

NaPoWriMo Day 23! (7 days left!)

Because I’m too tired to type up the new one….

Rough Notations: Words & Whims

I hate to be in love.
It is such an awful thing
to be so beautiful and so desired.
Captures the heart to wring
until it has expired.
Love is naught but a soul-eater,
ravishing until all is ravaged.
Mistress of deceit, Queen Maltreater,
she is not to be engaged.
Causing victims to feel indomitable,
self-preserving caution thrown to wind.
Once safe in love, hapless and comfortable,
she will that happiness rescind.
In one way, or perhaps another, time will come
when that love shall be gone.
There will be pain before it turns numb,
For there’s no liaison with that greatest con.
I hate to be in love.

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NaPoWriMo Day 17!

Also this one, in lieu of the fact that much of the planning, brainstorming, and creating is coming together splendidly, and the writing in true shall commence SOON! I cannot wait to write, and read, this story/novel. SO excited!!! 🙂

Rough Notations: Words & Whims

I’ve written this poem as a salutation and pledge to the new characters whose stories I’ll be telling, as I’ve begun a new prose project. Hopefully, someday, this will be a novel, one I’ll complete, as these characters and stories have been begging to be written for awhile now. with that, here it is:

With felicitous greetings I bid
   welcome and salute you,
   friends of mine new!
Together may our long journey
   be pleasant and sweet,
   with pages filled no small feat.
Sincerely now I make this pledge:
   I shall strive to be, as litterateur,
   always true to your story and character.
With caring tenderness, as a mother,
   upon the page your lives I’ll create:
   you’ll choose your gait, but I your fate.
As your creator, I will love and nurture,
   be the navigator of your flight,
   accompany you through…

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NaPoWriMo Day 25: “Life is a Poem”

Because I like this one, as well as my current life stanza. It’s not perfect, but that’s ok. “Bella Est Vita”

Rough Notations: Words & Whims

Life is a poem,
And poetry is music.
Eyes to see the imagery.
Heart to beat the meter.
Every breath a rhyme.

Life is a poem
Composed of many stanzas.
For each its own lines,
A different story to tell.
Chapters of life, verses of song.

Some may comprise a tragedy –
Full of loss and many tears.
Heartbreak and loneliness,
Or being set adrift.
Keep open eyes; it’s not over.

Others will be a comedy –
If only in hindsight.
Perhaps just a chuckle, but
Laughter with friends who’ve seen you through.
Another heartbeat, another stanza.

Moments of high drama will come,
Then pass into fond memory:
Great successes and tiny failures,
Accomplishment of dreams and goals.
Draw a deep breath – now write the next verse.

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“Flights of Fancy & Plumes for Thought”

First, the inspiration for this poem:

I’ve held a lifelong love of birds. I’ve owned many (among my mother, sister, and me, we’ve had parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, an African grey, moluccan cockatoo, double-yellow naped Amazon, and a blue & gold Macaw), my grandfather used to feed and watch the birds around his house (binoculars and the Audubon’s field guide to north American birds (which I inherited) were never Continue reading →

Honored and excited!

That’s how I feel about my baby blog right now. Over the last twelve hours, I not only gained the two followers to break the hundred mark, but also I gained another five. That’s a total of one hundred five of you that subscribe and, hypothetically read/care about what I write. Thank you so much for the support, encouragement, and appreciatIon these last five weeks.

As always, I’d like to remind you that I love feedback! If you like a poem please tell me, and why you do. If you dislike, or even hate one, tell me that, too! And constructive criticism and advice is always MUCH appreciated and welcomed. Desired, even. It truly helps me, more than you’d know.

Once again, gratitude to each and every one of you!

Peace & Blessings to all
Rachael, the BiblioGypsy


I had somewhat of a mental “funk” day yesterday. I don’t realty know why I felt that way, but I just felt so heavy of heart and thought. It led to something good, though.

The final line of this poem, I saw….somewhere, I’m not sure exactly where I read it now. But it festered as I ruminated all night at work, and voilà! It led to this:


Yesterday, I
succumbed to misery.
Entrapped by turmoil
of unknown vagary,
I escaped into slumber.
But I found only tainted repose,
dreams with torment embroiled.
Awake, I was yet cumbered
by nameless woes
which delighted my joy to defy.
But that was yesterday….

Moonlit summer night.

A haiku. I wrote this, well, thought it, on my drive to work just a few moments ago. Enjoy:

Moon shrouded by clouds
masking, enhancing beauty
on hot summer night