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Just a thought, FYI and stuff….

Thought i would put this out there:
If you have a twitter handle, you should check out the hashtags #writeclub and #wordmongering as they often do writing sprints. Usually 30 min stretches w a 10-15 min break between sprints, and after each sprint everyone participating tweets their word counts under that hashtag. Great way to stay motivated and meet new writer friends! I’m a new tweeter, and i love it!

Carpe Diem

Phrase oft used, but
rarely actualized in
many a life.
Such a tragedy!
Its much-lauded
transcends time
and language –
With great cause!

How many lives
has it changed?
What decisions made or
ideas birthed by
caught in its thrall?
If an axiom could
speak, what tales would
this tell? Of
danger courted, or
fortune found?
Perhaps inspired
achievements and
crowning glories?

Grasp your days,
strangle the moments;
Wring all the life, eke
out the beauty you find!
It lies ever before you if
you would only see.
It’s yours for taking.
Absorb every drop as
you sip and savor life’s
intoxicating wine!