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“Flights of Fancy & Plumes for Thought”

First, the inspiration for this poem:

I’ve held a lifelong love of birds. I’ve owned many (among my mother, sister, and me, we’ve had parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, an African grey, moluccan cockatoo, double-yellow naped Amazon, and a blue & gold Macaw), my grandfather used to feed and watch the birds around his house (binoculars and the Audubon’s field guide to north American birds (which I inherited) were never Continue reading →


Today, my vocabulary & thoughts are being contrary

I just cannot get the poem out that’s crying for attention and release. Not how it wants to be anyway. So, this instead, to vent my frustration:

“wrestling words”

wrestling words
tumbling & grappling
vexing they vie
for attention
their merits pro-
seeking nomination
twisted & entwined
defying my gumption
denying intention
seceded allies they
conspire against me
unruly tenacious
& tantrum-throwing
these are my naughty

NaPoWriMo Day 12: “Words Unbroken”

Broken hearts
for broken things.
Bones broken,
dreams and chances
lost and gone.
All can be
mended, reclaimed,
except for words
unbroken when
opportunity has passed
or recipient is
Unbroken words,
haunt – and break