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Another book spine poem


Full woman, fleshly apple, hot moon,
Crossroads of twilight.
Heavy words, lightly thrown:
She’s come undone.
Le petit prince:

This one wasn’t as good, but…oh well.
(note: “habibi” means “beloved” in Arabic.)

Book Spine poems…

I’ve been seeing these flossing around, so i thought I’d give it a try. (My bookshelf is wrecked now.)


The pillars of creation,
The pillars of the earth.

Waking up screaming
Beyond good and evil.

Just after sunset:
The gathering storm,
The last kingdom,
The stand.

Paradise lost,
A feast for crows.

A memory of light.

NaPoWriMo Day 19! (This month is flying!)

Thoughts blister from
burning emotions
scalding through veins.

Heartbeat a thrum,
pumping the bellows
lest sensation wane.

My heartstrings strum
to rising passion –
pleasure or pain –

one they become,
searching for outlet and
not in chains remain.

Today, my vocabulary & thoughts are being contrary

I just cannot get the poem out that’s crying for attention and release. Not how it wants to be anyway. So, this instead, to vent my frustration:

“wrestling words”

wrestling words
tumbling & grappling
vexing they vie
for attention
their merits pro-
seeking nomination
twisted & entwined
defying my gumption
denying intention
seceded allies they
conspire against me
unruly tenacious
& tantrum-throwing
these are my naughty

Another, but still not the one that begs my attention…

I am not “that girl”, no
Not me. I’m chaotic to
core and eclectic
in everything. The
enigma of
conundrum, I’m
full of weird forms
of expected
randomness, of
actions and words
to shock and
Stormy disposition
behind a sunny
smile; a
turbulent soul and
tormented thoughts
haunting a mouth
that always is
laughing. Go
ahead. Try.
Unravel me and
find hidden prize!

NaPoWriMo Day 18: “Home”

Home, I’m told, is
“where the heart
is”, but a life full of
many loves scattered
far and wide has
littered little heart
fragments and crumbs
which form many paths
that may be followed
in reverse to many a
place that once felt like

NaPoWriMo Day 17!

I’ve written this poem as a salutation and pledge to the new characters whose stories I’ll be telling, as I’ve begun a new prose project. Hopefully, someday, this will be a novel, one I’ll complete, as these characters and stories have been begging to be written for awhile now. with that, here it is:

With felicitous greetings I bid
   welcome and salute you,
   friends of mine new!
Together may our long journey
   be pleasant and sweet,
   with pages filled no small feat.
Sincerely now I make this pledge:
   I shall strive to be, as litterateur,
   always true to your story and character.
With caring tenderness, as a mother,
   upon the page your lives I’ll create:
   you’ll choose your gait, but I your fate.
As your creator, I will love and nurture,
   be the navigator of your flight,
   accompany you through every plight.
Thus you’ve received my salutation,
   along with my honorable pledge;
   I’ll not abandon no matter the depths we dredge.
Greetings and well met!
Let our pleasures be mutual as the
Muse guides us upon path.
Come, let us embark!

“Memories” (from 12/6/2010)

This is just to tide you over til i complete today’s poem:

Memories, like a secret lover,
Visit me beneath night’s cover;
Snippets of days long past,
And dreams that couldn’t last.
Presently they’re before mind’s eye,
Lest in the past they die.
Keep every memory alive,
Never forget – for that I strive.

NaPoWriMo: Day 16 – In response to Boston:

By no means a very good piece, but sincerely meant. Sometimes words really can’t suffice… I wish peace and comfort for all affected by what happened. May they recover to run another day.

Impossible to understand,
Such senseless acts of violence.

Yet possible to hope for humanity’s
Healing, as people help each other.

Impossible to understand, the
Scenes of unfolding horror.

Possible to hope for unity, as
Our strength is found, together.

Impossible to understand, a
Tragedy where triumph should be.

But possible to hope for that
Triumph in surviving, in
     Healing and
   Remembrance, in unity.

Triumph in hope itself.

NaPoWriMo Day 15! Halfway through…

I tried another sonnet today, Spenserian this time.

“Infestation: A Sunshine Sonnet”

Warm sun upon back as these lines I write,
Seeping through flesh and into my soul
Lodging there, festering without invite
Where it defeats my inner gloom patrol.
Each ray makes pores for gladness a wormhole,
Through which peace creeps, infesting me to core
With serenity from my crown to sole,
Granting me the ease to shadows ignore.
Sunshine casts me in form of troubador,
And thus I write of that which me infests.
Now, tarry a bit longer I implore,
Hoping darkness within, the sun arrests.
    Spring’s infestation of sunshine warm
    My whole perspective does seem to transform.