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NaPoWriMo Day 25: “Life is a Poem”

Life is a poem,
And poetry is music.
Eyes to see the imagery.
Heart to beat the meter.
Every breath a rhyme.

Life is a poem
Composed of many stanzas.
For each its own lines,
A different story to tell.
Chapters of life, verses of song.

Some may comprise a tragedy –
Full of loss and many tears.
Heartbreak and loneliness,
Or being set adrift.
Keep open eyes; it’s not over.

Others will be a comedy –
If only in hindsight.
Perhaps just a chuckle, but
Laughter with friends who’ve seen you through.
Another heartbeat, another stanza.

Moments of high drama will come,
Then pass into fond memory:
Great successes and tiny failures,
Accomplishment of dreams and goals.
Draw a deep breath – now write the next verse.

For NaPoWriMo Day 6…

…in lieu of exhaustion, poor results from today’s prompts I won’t impose on you, and number I produced yesterday: today I will instead give you a poem from February 11. This piece was inspired by the song “Arrival of the Birds” by the Cinematic Orchestra. It instantly became one of those songs that, heard at a crucial moment, reaches into heart and soul, moves you viscerally. Give it a listen; you won’t be disappointed.

Music Within

The music within soul is
ever varied, erratic often;
a medley of cacophony.

Sorrow’s melody wails of
disjointed woes, melancholy
chords garbled in grief’s confusion.

Pain’s monotony reverberates,
always throbbing, reiterates
despondency, breeds despair.

In joy, symphony sings over
doom; united discordance and
clamor, echoing, fade away.

Before harmony unfolds beauty
there must be silence: the
stillness of being, awareness.

Echoes: dim memories now, silence
trumpets change, heralds cheer
which glowing grows, radiates.

Crumbled woes create new ballad;
gloom and misery spur motivation,
and cadenced, in triumph, render exultation.