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NaPoWriMo Day 23! (7 days left!)

I hate to be in love.
It is such an awful thing
to be so beautiful and so desired.
Captures the heart to wring
until it has expired.
Love is naught but a soul-eater,
ravishing until all is ravaged.
Mistress of deceit, Queen Maltreater,
she is not to be engaged.
Causing victims to feel indomitable,
self-preserving caution thrown to wind.
Once safe in love, hapless and comfortable,
she will that happiness rescind.
In one way, or perhaps another, time will come
when that love shall be gone.
There will be pain before it turns numb,
For there’s no liaison with that greatest con.
I hate to be in love.

NaPoWriMo Day 20: “Ruined”

None desire the
leaky mug or
cracked vase
which cannot
hold a beautiful
so, too, a broken
soul or the
fractured heart,
ruined for

Take My Tears (from 10/8/2008)

Old acrostic poem, rediscovered on my old livejournal (as are the rest of the “from _…_” entries I’ll be making), from a prompt in a writing group i subscribed to:

This night, beneath the trees, with
All the stars a-light in the sky, you
Kiss me softly until my
Eyes well up with tears.

Moistening my cheeks, they fall,
Yet you catch them on your fingertip.

Tracing the shape of my raccoon eyes,
Even now you say I’m beautiful,
All my hair in disarray.
Reason thrown to the wind, I
Succumb to your gentle touch.