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NaPoWriMo Day 27!

Nothing stupendous:

Making the required
responses, and
going through expected
Tasks are performed by
rote, dutifully as the
ticking of a timepiece.
When did life become
so mundane,

NaPoWriMo Day 25: “Life is a Poem”

Life is a poem,
And poetry is music.
Eyes to see the imagery.
Heart to beat the meter.
Every breath a rhyme.

Life is a poem
Composed of many stanzas.
For each its own lines,
A different story to tell.
Chapters of life, verses of song.

Some may comprise a tragedy –
Full of loss and many tears.
Heartbreak and loneliness,
Or being set adrift.
Keep open eyes; it’s not over.

Others will be a comedy –
If only in hindsight.
Perhaps just a chuckle, but
Laughter with friends who’ve seen you through.
Another heartbeat, another stanza.

Moments of high drama will come,
Then pass into fond memory:
Great successes and tiny failures,
Accomplishment of dreams and goals.
Draw a deep breath – now write the next verse.

Carpe Diem

Phrase oft used, but
rarely actualized in
many a life.
Such a tragedy!
Its much-lauded
transcends time
and language –
With great cause!

How many lives
has it changed?
What decisions made or
ideas birthed by
caught in its thrall?
If an axiom could
speak, what tales would
this tell? Of
danger courted, or
fortune found?
Perhaps inspired
achievements and
crowning glories?

Grasp your days,
strangle the moments;
Wring all the life, eke
out the beauty you find!
It lies ever before you if
you would only see.
It’s yours for taking.
Absorb every drop as
you sip and savor life’s
intoxicating wine!