NaPoWriMo Day 17!

I’ve written this poem as a salutation and pledge to the new characters whose stories I’ll be telling, as I’ve begun a new prose project. Hopefully, someday, this will be a novel, one I’ll complete, as these characters and stories have been begging to be written for awhile now. with that, here it is:

With felicitous greetings I bid
   welcome and salute you,
   friends of mine new!
Together may our long journey
   be pleasant and sweet,
   with pages filled no small feat.
Sincerely now I make this pledge:
   I shall strive to be, as litterateur,
   always true to your story and character.
With caring tenderness, as a mother,
   upon the page your lives I’ll create:
   you’ll choose your gait, but I your fate.
As your creator, I will love and nurture,
   be the navigator of your flight,
   accompany you through every plight.
Thus you’ve received my salutation,
   along with my honorable pledge;
   I’ll not abandon no matter the depths we dredge.
Greetings and well met!
Let our pleasures be mutual as the
Muse guides us upon path.
Come, let us embark!

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  2. Reblogged this on Words & Whims of a BiblioGypsy and commented:

    Also this one, in lieu of the fact that much of the planning, brainstorming, and creating is coming together splendidly, and the writing in true shall commence SOON! I cannot wait to write, and read, this story/novel. SO excited!!! 🙂

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