Lo and behold! NaPoWriMo Day 14: a brand NEW sonnet –

A Keatsian sonnet to be precise. Well, the rhyme scheme is at least (abcabdcabcdede). Mostly, aside from a couple awkward lines i struggled with (this is pretty much a first draft), it is in iambic pentameter, though i did divide it into four tercets and a couplet….

Suffocating under anxiety
so it seems, such a heavy load to bear;
chest compressed and shoulders bent – try to breathe.

There isn’t in me much of gaiety
for gloom appears to have my soul made lair;
light of sun those shadows rarely does pierce.

Deep, the darkness inside me starts to seethe
and boils up, overcomes sobriety;
so hope dwindles, surmounted by despair.

Midnight descending, my thoughts it ensheathes,
devouring, scouring, cruel and fierce;
overpowered, I’m weak, afraid to fight.

My mind divided, this is but a tierce
within; I’m unsure that there’s room for light.

NOTE: “tierce”, as I’ve used it, is an obsolete word (well, i suppose, more accurately, the definition for it that I’ve used is obsolete) meaning “a third part”.


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