From Tuesday, 9 April 2013 “River Lessons”


There’s peace in a river;
also turbulence,
and many lessons.
It can be diverted, but still
it remains inexorable.
Its flow never tarries or
slows. Onward, ever
onward, it continues
to move.
When it reaches an
obstacle, it does not
balk but glides around,
past it and onward.
Falls may come, and it
hurtles forward
crashing to the bottom, swirling
in the eddies before it
charges on,
renewed of energy.
In peace it flows;
through turbulence it rushes.
Avoiding nothing, it
accepts all, as part
and parcel of its
course, remains fluid,
Let nature’s rivers teach
you as you navigate the
rivers of life.


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