NaPoWriMo Day 11:

Let’s not talk about day ten….it contained only recuperation from a thunderous hangover. My personal celebration of spring arriving here…well, it lasted nearly twelve hours and contained far too much wine and vodka. OUCH!!! Fun, though! Haha! Anyhoo:

“In Case of Un-Inspiration:”

1. Lay pen to page.
2. Move wrist, hand, fingers
(in unison): write!

The muse, she’s fickle,
unreliable. Don’t
wait for her; write

Choose topic (or
lack thereof). Write.
Momentarily forget
device. Think,
but don’t over-think.
Rather, feel. And

Later will be for
Now is for thought
and feeling.
Substance. Words
to paper.
Later will come the
the poetic.

Inspiration visits the
diligent who work
despite its absence.

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