Bouts Rimés – “Bunbury”

I wish I had a bunbury
Who isn’t just imaginary,
And our pranks more than just fantasy.
We’d test our limits of audacity
As, around the world traveling
And mysteries unraveling,
We’d impose on others’ memory
A déjà vu trajectory.

Response to this blogger’s prompt:


4 responses

  1. Thanks for playing Crambo and THANK YOU for linking to my blog! I really liked your last line. De ja vu trajectory is quite an interesting concept. Happy NaPoWriMo! 🙂

    1. No Problem, I Enjoyed It! And ‘Twas My Pleasure To Give You A Shoutout 🙂 I Must Admit, I Was Rather Fond Of That Last Line Myself, Haha!

      And I Apologize For All The Improper Capitalization, I’m Having Issues W My Phone! 0.o

  2. Cinquain AND Boute Rimés? In one day! You’ve become a veritable adopter of challenge; or a masochist; or a conundrum addict or even glutton for punishment but whateva, I compliment you on the outcome of this awfully awkward style.

    1. Haha I’ve often been called a conundrum – I’m starting to believe it! I commend your power of perception; i am, in fact, a masochist in all things. Bring on the pain! Also an inadvertent and unintentional glutton for punishment. This poem, though: ridiculous. I’m certain the blog that posted the challenge invented the word “bunbury”, or at least the definition “doppelganger” for it. Oh well!

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