NaPoWriMo – Day 3:

I have come this time to burn my thorns:
injurious slights,
thoughtless words,
all the barbed splinters
piercing my soul.
I seek to heal my core,
strengthen crippled heart.
So I forget and ignore,
hide and bury everything,
all my maiming shadows.
‘Tis gone from sight
yet I feel it there still,
my light shredded by
darkness like shrapnel.
Deeply lodged in stony soul,
it remains part of me,
mortar in fractures and cracks.
Thorn or splinter, the
metaphor is irrelevant.
I am bound and anchored.
Life has stretched me with experience,
and bent me with trial.
I’ve yet to break mold and it holds me,
wounds me; I cannot break free.
But there is freedom in shackles
as there are shackles in freedom.


2 responses

  1. Exceptional first line, it drew me in immediately.

  2. Well, that line isn’t mine haha. I used a prompt that suggested using a first line from a favorite poem. This line is from “Pure Silence” by Rumi, one of my favorite poets. Hope you enjoy his poem, and thanks for reading mine! 🙂

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